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Neotropical Science

About Us
We are a consulting firm that follows the approach of sustainable development, which is based on three components: society, economy and the environment.
We work on developing scientific research on different fields, environmental audit, environmental inspectors, monitoring, technical assistance and environmental education.
Our superior performance comes from the commitment of our research staff. We are professionals with postgraduate degrees in different topics; we work closely to our clients during planning and execution of projects.
We are aware of the importance of delivering clear and precise reports. We ensure fast deliver and confidentiality.

To give assistance and guidance to our clients to obtain relievable results using the best work practices and technology during the execution of projects.


To be a leader consulting firm in biological research, increase biodiversity knowledge and ecosystems in the tropics for its protection, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.








Commitment with the Environmental conservation

Confidentiality toward our clients

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